No Flakes Beard Foam


Beard Guyz No Flakes Beard Foam helps remove flakes and buildup from the beard. This unique formula helps soften the beard and skin underneath. We added biotin and salicylic acid, to help promote healthy beard growth while reducing the amount of flaking found in the beard. Perfect for on-the-go!

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Introducing the No Flakes Beard Foam for our bearded brethren out there! Say goodbye to those pesky flakes and buildup that make your beard look like a snowstorm – we’ve got your back, or rather, your beard covered!

Our revolutionary formula not only gets rid of those annoying flakes, but it also works wonders in softening your magnificent mane and the skin underneath. We’ve also added biotin and salicylic acid to give your beard the love it deserves. Not only will it help promote healthy beard growth, but it’ll also reduce the amount of flaking happening, too.

And guess what? It’s perfect for all you busy guys! Just grab it and go – no water needed – because we know you have important beard business to attend to. So why wait? Get your hands on the No Flakes Beard Foam and rock that beard like a boss!

Directions: Apply 3-5 pumps of product and work it thoroughly into the beard and skin. Gently remove residue with a dry towel. No rinse needed. Gentle enough to use throughout the day.


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