Living the beard life takes some serious tender loving care, time and commitment, and the products on the market fell seriously short, leaving men with scraggly, unkempt beards and dry, angry skin. We were sick and tired of seeing subpar beard care products and knew we owed it to our community to do better.

We worked tirelessly with our R&D team for months, poring over formulations, analyzing case studies, evaluating product lines, and testing ingredients until our eyes crossed. Our blood, sweat, and optometrist bills proved to be worth it, as we unleashed a line of beard care products into the world that not only were we proud of, but ones that we actually use ourselves.

We love your beard like you love your beard, so we eliminated all of the filler BS designed to only fill a product label and used only the highest quality, proprietary blends of ingredients designed to help nourish and support your healthy, happy beard. After all, under a happy, healthy beard, is a happy, healthy face, right?

Listen, we know you don’t truly care how we got here, you care about what our products can do for your glorious flowing mane, so why not get shopping?