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Why Beard care?

Every beard needs the right amount of tender loving care in order to look its best. Some beards can be dry, causing irritation and flakiness on the skin. The hair can be unruly and in need of “taming.” Beard Guyz is a total system, created to provide you with all you need to care for your beard and sensitive skin.

Our Quality pledge

Beard Guyz is formulated from the finest ingredients nature has to offer. We’ve combined natural oils, conditioning butters, herbal extracts, and vitamins into products that clean, condition, and moisturize facial hair—as well as care for your skin. Our products are beard-tested and are barber-recommended!

Total Beard Care

The decision to grow a beard should not be taken lightly. During the start-up phase, or the first few weeks, you may experience itching and minor irritation. Here is where caring for your beard begins. From day one as a new beard grower you need to begin preparing the skin for its new addition. This begins with the wash, and moisturizers providing fertile food for those new whiskers to snap up. By starting out right, your beard will be well-styled, luxurious, and good looking. Beard Guyz products are formulated for all hair and skin types.


Beard Serum

When it comes to giving your beard a boost, Beard Guyz® Beard Serum has the muscle. Apply with ease..


Beard Conditioner

Beard Guyz® Beard Conditioner hydrates just-washed facial hair, providing both fullness and softne..


Beard Wash

Keep your beard clean and refreshed with Beard Guyz® Beard Wash. Made with natural ingredients, Be..


Beard Butter (4 Oz)

Beard Guyz® Beard Butter is a moisturizer like no other. Keep your beard happy, hydrated and free f..


Beard Oil (2 Oz)

Beard Guyz® Beard Oil is a must-have in any beard grower’s regimen. Made with natural ingredients, B..


Beard Balm (3 Oz)

If you want a well-groomed beard, look no further than Beard Guyz® Beard Balm. Made with natural ing..


Wash and Conditioner Combo Pack

Includes:1 Beard Guyz® Beard Wash – Net 8 Fl. Oz. (237 mL) 1 Beard Guyz® Beard Conditioner – ..


Beard Scentz

Your beard looks magnificent – but did you know it’s picking up odors, pollutants and bacteria thro..
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Beard Balm

Oil based. Our exclusive blend of shea butter, coconut, almond and pumpkin seed oil is designed to tame the unruliest beard, and will soften coarse facial hair too. It doesn’t matter what type beard you have our balm makes styling it easy and creates the look and feel of a thicker fuller beard. It’s easy to work with and is designed to seal in moisture with our natural deep conditioning formula to give your beard volume while it nurtures your skin. The natural ingredients found in our exclusive proprietary blend will always leave your skin feeling great, and (with consistent use) can help reduce itching and flaking due to dry skin.

Beard Balm
Beard Guyz 35

Beard Butter

Water based. Our unique moisturizer transforms a dry unruly beard while relieving itchiness, leaving you with a great appearance along with a fresh light clean smell. Our natural exclusive formula that includes, Shea and Mango butters combined with Coconut Oil tames your beard, never leaves you greasy, and always smells great. Applies evenly, absorbs naturally and softens the beard for a natural look. Our customers have told us that after trying many different beard butters ours was the best because it kept the flakes to a minimum while at the same time left their beards soft and shiny without a greasy feeling.

Beard Butter

About us

Beard Guyz is made from the finest ingredients nature has to offer. We've combined natural oils, conditioning butters, herbal extracts and vitamins into amazing products that clean, condition and moisturize facial hair as well as care for your skin. Our products have been beard tested and are barber recommended!